Over the weekend, a couple of hundred iOS rockstars gathered together in Melbourne for the One More Thing conference. It’s a 2-day, iOS-focussed event and was very well run. Speakers included people behind Doodle Jump, AirSharing, Elements, iA Writer, Camera+, Tweetie, Hook Champ, Tapatalk, Planefinder, Calvetica, Pano, Flipboard, Trainyard and more. The apps created by the attendees were equally awesome. The format was nicely anecdotal and I definitely learnt a lot. I’ve summarised some of my takeaways into 56 nice digestible little chunks below. I’m paraphrasing from a lot of people so if anyone has any corrections or additions just reach out. The organisers are going to publish videos of the talks on their website and I you’d be crazy not to check them out when that happens.